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For Real Estate Brokers

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For Clients

As you may know, Specialized Loan Servicing (SLS) and Specialized Asset Management (SAM) were acquired by Computershare, a global financial services company, in 2009. Since then, we've been able to make enhancements to our service offerings to serve the mortgage industry better including:

  • Full Appraisal and Broker Valuation Solutions
  • Property Inspection and Post Disaster Inspection Reports
  • Value Reconciliations
  • Mortgage Origination and Due Diligence Solutions
  • Rental Market and Renovation Analysis Solutions

Most recently we have identified a way to advance our asset management group with new leadership to bring the industry expanded offerings. Jim Smith, an expert in real estate valuations, data, analytics, and technology solutions for mortgage lenders, servicers and investors, has joined our team. Jim brings extensive experience in appraisals and broker products and solutions which will offer innovative ways to support your evolving needs.

Computershare - becoming a household name

With the technology expertise, secure infrastructure and expanding global Loan Services offerings, Computershare is becoming a household name in the mortgage industry. To leverage these capabilities, we will re-brand Specialized Asset Management (SAM) to Computershare. What does this mean for you? You will notice the replacement of color schemes and logos over the next few weeks on our various websites that we transact business in. Res.Net, Quandis and samreo.net will all be modified to conform to the Computershare schema. The email addresses of our staff will be changing to @computershare.com addresses. The most exciting part is that we will be rolling out many new products in the coming months including a full Property Inspection suite of products, hybrid valuation products and commercial Broker Price Opinions, to name a few. This will mean increased order volume for you, our valued partner.

This is an exciting time for the Computershare family of companies and we hope you are equally excited at the prospect of receiving more work from us. Our Valuation order volume is expected to dramatically increase in the coming months. We are also making changes to the back office processes to become more efficient. Enhanced broker score cards and grading, streamlined data entry of comps on our BPO forms. We will also offer direct deposit (ACH) of BPO payments very soon.